How can we organise our Corporate Event without the drama?

Planning an event, be it corporate, casual or simply the weekly meeting, can be time consuming. There is a reason event planners exist, to take the stress and strain of planning events away from the organiser. Depending on the type of event taking place, there are a great many things to consider, locations, invitations, food, drinks and even entertainment. Now while a weekly meeting might not require such preparation, a nice warm cup of tea while going through the last meeting’s report would probably not go astray for most people. Organising an event of any size is often a task left to the last minute, regarded as something that will simply sort itself out in the end and as a result is often

Here’s how to build and retain your membership

Building a member base is an important part of growing an association, taking it from a small gathering of like-minded individuals to a state level body that can affect real change. Everything starts small and while small membership databases are easy to manage, especially when you may know everyone by name. However the fun quickly ends when the number increases drastically. While a list of a dozen, perhaps even a hundred members might easily be kept in a spreadsheet, when an association’s membership reaches into the thousands, a database is required. Once the database is developed it will require regular maintenance, email updates, new addresses, additions and all sorts of changes. An out o

How do we manage the organisations finances?

Poorly managed finances are reason for the folding of many associations. Finances are troublesome, or at least they can be when managed by inexperienced or time poor people. As many associations are run by volunteers, finding the individual most suited to the task can often be a task in itself. Unless the association is one for financial advisors it is likely to be a variety of opinions, experience levels and understanding of finance management, all of which can result in indecision, poor financial planning and ultimately result in bankruptcy. An organisation’s finances also need to be maintained and planned for, with little good coming from only checking the monetary situation once ever blu

Who is holding the fort?

Running an association is time consuming, even for the most dedicated of individuals. The simple fact that most associations are run by volunteers meaning many play second fiddle to their committee’s main source of income. Often a great deal of work which is required to keep associations ticking over is not hard but simply the sheer amount of it makes the administration a task put to the side, left until later or otherwise completely forgotten about until it’s too late. The Centre for Association Management (CASM) provides an opportunity to associations to become completely free of all the tedious, day to day administrative tasks taking up their time and lessening their ability to do what re

Who can help manage our not for profit organisation?

Everyone wants the best for the organisation; however it’s difficult to achieve the best when you have no idea what steps you must take. Fortunately for developing associations they need not go the transition to bigger and better things alone. The Centre for Association Management (CASM) is there to guide them and provide virtually everything that an organisation might require. With CASM, there is no need for a dedicated Executive Officer struggling to organise a business they may not be experienced with or not understand the scope of, instead the weight can be lifted and handed straight over to the experienced and dedicated CASM team. An Executive Officer is a role primarily responsible for

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