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How can we organise our Corporate Event without the drama?


Planning an event, be it corporate, casual or simply the weekly meeting, can be time consuming. There is a reason event planners exist, to take the stress and strain of planning events away from the organiser. Depending on the type of event taking place, there are a great many things to consider, locations, invitations, food, drinks and even entertainment. Now while a weekly meeting might not require such preparation, a nice warm cup of tea while going through the last meeting’s report would probably not go astray for most people. Organising an event of any size is often a task left to the last minute, regarded as something that will simply sort itself out in the end and as a result is often poorly planned or underutilised.

For organisations like the English Teachers Association of Western Australia, whom have a membership of over one thousand members, planning an event is a monumental task. Any time a large group of people are required to gather in any one place, a great deal of planning and organisation must be implemented otherwise chaos will break out. The Centre for Association Management (CASM) offers services in event management, taking the stress and planning away from associations. This allows the primarily volunteer members of associations to enjoy their events and focus upon the reason for having the event to begin with. Given how time poor many people are these days, allowing CASM to manage your association’s events gives you more time for concentrating on the association’s real business.

Often the most tedious part of planning any event is working out who should be attending and if they are actually doing so. CASM can compile attendance lists, create nametags and even receive RSVP’s from the association’s invitees, meaning that tedious job is done without the association needing to even consider it! CASM can liaise with venues for association events, meaning the often volunteer members of the organisation do not need to go out of their way to meet with businesses.

Wendy Cole, the President of the English Teachers Association of Western Australia said their association enjoyed the partnership with CASM. CASM allowed the association to have professional development in planning events and even enabled them to engage in conference communication. This allows for the association to access technology and planning ordinarily out of their reach, supporting the growth of the organisation and the extension of its member base.

If you would like to know more about how CASM can assist your association, please contact us on 08 9427 0800 or email Ron Adams at

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