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Who can help manage our not for profit organisation?


Everyone wants the best for the organisation; however it’s difficult to achieve the best when you have no idea what steps you must take. Fortunately for developing associations they need not go the transition to bigger and better things alone. The Centre for Association Management (CASM) is there to guide them and provide virtually everything that an organisation might require. With CASM, there is no need for a dedicated Executive Officer struggling to organise a business they may not be experienced with or not understand the scope of, instead the weight can be lifted and handed straight over to the experienced and dedicated CASM team.

An Executive Officer is a role primarily responsible for the infrastructure, the bare bones operation of an organisation. From finding locations to house the organisation, running meetings and negotiating financial situations, the position is not an easy one and can take up a grand amount of time, especially for large organisations or those who undertaking periods of growth.

Wendy Cole, the President of the English Teachers Association of Western Australia is part of an organisation that has experienced the benefits of allowing CASM to take upon the responsibility of Executive Officer Services. She explained the situation which resulted in the association turning to CASAM.

Five years earlier the English Teachers Association employed a part-time staffer, however the employee was unaware of what was required from the prospective of an association. This lead the association to realise they needed professional help and not from any random person off the street but help from a company with the knowledge to help develop them into a properly run business rather than an informal gathering. Though the association was accredited as such, the full details of the legal requirements and laws where not known to those in charge and so the solution was to engage association management, specifically with CASM.

From the get go, CASM enabled the English Teachers Association to bloom, ensuring it was provided with expert assistance and advice. The consultation role taken by CASM pointed the group in the right direction, assisting them with moving the association from a gathering of likeminded individuals to a proper, state recognised association of over a thousand members. Organising a stable location, telephone answering service and reception for the association, provided it with a firm base, a physical existence that allowed for further growth. The connections with CASAM’s other clients allow for the fostering of business connections.

Most importantly for a group like the English Teacher’s Association of Western Australia is simply that CASM took upon the legal roles required of such an association, giving it advice and subsequently the ability to protect themselves. As the organisation is run completely by volunteers, it removes risk but also makes it easier for those volunteers to do what they came to do and not get bogged down in the legal side of things.

Without the support of CASM’s Executive Officer Services, it is unlikely the association would have the number of members in Western Australia that it has today.

If you would like to know more about how CASM can assist your association, please contact us on 08 9427 0800 or email Ron Adams at

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