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Who is holding the fort?


Running an association is time consuming, even for the most dedicated of individuals. The simple fact that most associations are run by volunteers meaning many play second fiddle to their committee’s main source of income. Often a great deal of work which is required to keep associations ticking over is not hard but simply the sheer amount of it makes the administration a task put to the side, left until later or otherwise completely forgotten about until it’s too late. The Centre for Association Management (CASM) provides an opportunity to associations to become completely free of all the tedious, day to day administrative tasks taking up their time and lessening their ability to do what really matters to them in the organisation.

From paying bills, invoice reminders, printing, distribution, message systems and managing databases, CASM can do everything to maintain an association and keep the little things under control. Anything a receptionist could do, CASM can cover and leave the association smoothly running, with no lost papers, no forgotten invoices. The office accommodations of CASM provide a comfortable, reliable and locations for all meetings, meaning associations don’t have to risk dilapidated halls or local recreation centres for their organised gatherings. Best of all, catering can be organised and ready to go for when the meeting begins. CASM’s administrative support services truly cover everything an association would need.

While volunteers make the world go round, sometimes expert help is what is required to keep the association on the right track and complying with the government regulations and ATO compliance issues. Having an up to date website, filled with current information is a great way to interact with the wider community. Association websites can be developed and updated by CASM, enabling associations to be a part of the greater online community and all the benefits that come with it.

The English Teachers Association of Western Australia has enjoyed the efficiency and focus of CASM in managing their association. The President of the Association, Wendy Cole, stated CASM helps the association to prevent oversights by reminding them of what needs doing and when it needs to be done. CASAM sends out letters for them, reminding their teacher members when payment is overdue as well as fielding special requests from customers.

With CASM managing their Administrative Support Services, no one at the English Teachers Association of Western Australia needs to worry about the little, day to day running of the association. They know they are simply able to carry on with the front end of the association and focus upon the day to day activities, without worrying about the financial side of the association.

If you would like to know more about how CASM can assist your association, please contact us on 08 9427 0800 or email Ron Adams at

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