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Do you have a plan to raise funds or increase membership for your Not for Profit organisation in 201


As 2014 closes and the New Year is here, it is time to formulate a plan to ensure the success of your Not for Profit Organisation (NFP) through strong funding and increased membership.

A healthy revenue stream and strong membership base are among the most vital factors in the continued effectiveness of any NFP.

However NFP leaders are often fully engaged in carrying out program activities and striving to achieve the organisation’s goals- so much so, that planning for much needed funding and support may done as an after-thought or in haste.

In 2015, establish a solid foundation for your NFP by planning and implementing a well-developed funding model and campaign to drive increased member support.

1. Create a reliable source of funding

Research and identify a funding plan that suits your NFP

It is imperative to identify the right strategies to suit your non-profit. There are many strategies to fundraising- but what funding model is the right one to pursue?

Types of fundraising include:

  • Approaching individuals

  • Philanthropies

  • Special events, annual fund appeals or benefits

  • Grants

  • Government funding

To identify the best strategy, you must first do your research and formulate a clear, decisive and straightforward plan to raise funds. By choosing and sticking to a plan that is focused you will concentrate your efforts and resources, allowing you to achieve your goal faster.

An interesting article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review identifies ten different frameworks for funding, used successfully by various NFPs.

Matching the best type of fundraising to suit your NFP’s needs requires careful thought; researching into various fundraising strategies which match your NFP’s needs is vital.

2. Increasing your membership

The level of support behind your organisation is a key driving force to the organisations effectiveness and reach.

Increase awareness with marketing

Many Not for Profit Organisations overlook this area or may underestimate the importance of developing and implementing a sound marketing plan.

A good marketing strategy does not have to be overreaching or so costly that it is outside of your budget, in fact quite the opposite.

With some simple steps you can increase public awareness and membership numbers.

This may include:

  • Effective website design and management

  • Targeting key stakeholders

  • Awareness campaigns that may target desired audience

  • Strong branding

How can you implement this framework?

Implementing an effective fundraising and marketing strategy requires resources and skilful implementation to get it right.

To get the best out of your drive for increased financial and member support, you need a team of people working behind you to offer high-level support in your activities.

CASM can provide this support, from management of your database and website management services, to coordination of events which will allow stress to be relieved and focus to be placed on the core programs and goals of your organisation.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you, please contact me, Ron Adams directly by emailing or phone me on 08 9427 0800.

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