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Do you have someone to assist you with the governance of your Not for Profit organisation, in areas


Running a Not for Profit (NFP) organisation is a dedicated job, operated by professionals who seek to effect positive change through their programs and campaigns.

Implementing these programs can consume both your time and your resources. However there are other aspects to running a successful NFP organisation, such as corporate governance, administrative and secretarial tasks, regulatory issues, audits and AGMs all of which are vital to running a well-organised and efficient NFP.

Good governance of your NFP arises from employing the right group of people to do the job. To allow for efficient and effective organisation, it is wise to engage people who are highly experienced in this field.

Effective governance of your organisation should include:

  • The right group of people

  • Robust processes and procedures

  • Effective minute and record keeping

  • Financial management

At CASM, we have been working with NFP organisations for several years to manage the important aspects of governance and to ensure best practice. We provide comprehensive services across areas including:

Corporate governance

We provide the organisational framework, combined with robust processes and procedures to effectively control and monitor your organisation.

CASM also ensures that your NFP complies with any regulatoryor legislative requirements in Australia, and maintains record keeping as per regulatory requirements.

Management, record keeping and documentation services, which protect the NFP in the case of an audit

In the case of an audit, it is necessary to maintain records of meetings through detailed minutes and to maintain financial management through the preparation of financial accounts and reports.

CASM provides complete financial and minute management services, which allow you to rest assured of being fully compliant in the event of an audit.

Coordination of Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is a necessary event, where your organisation is required to report activities carried out to its members. Key events such as leadership rotation are decided at the AGM, as well as providing an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback and suggestions from NFP team members.

A great deal of coordination is involved in carrying out a well-run AGM; the team at CASM are skilled in the organisation and coordination of AGMs, and will oversee the administrative aspects of the event. This allows you to focus you attention on maximising the productivity of your event.

At CASM, we have the experience in providing tried and tested governance systems and solutions that allows an NFP to focus on what they set out to do; to provide an effective service with greater reach for helping those in need.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you, please contact me, Ron Adams directly by emailing or phone me on 08 9427 0800.

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