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How to make 2015 the most successful yet for your NFP organisation!


To make your organisation truly successful in 2015, it is imperative to concentrate efforts on strategic planning.

When you have a clear aim and a well-researched plan by which to achieve organisational targets, your NFP will have greater direction, motivation and ultimately a more positive impact on the communities it serves.

Key areas to focus on include:

  • Appointing a dedicated board or committee with well-defined roles

  • Research and develop your organisation’s vision and goals for the year

  • An operational plan, with clear strategies

  • Identify clear fundraising strategies and a plan to implement them

  • A risk management plan

  • A reliable measurement of organisational performance and board effectiveness

However to achieve the above, you must first establish an excellent governance and management framework. Good governance and organisational management is pivotal in ensuring that the leaders of an NFP are effective in meeting their goals, while also meeting legislative and compliance requirements.

An NFP needs a strong foundation of management support through well laid-out systems, processes and procedures.

At the Centre for Association Management (CASM), we are the leaders in organisational management, offering a complete range of dedicated services.

An efficient and dedicated management system

The team at CASM have several years of experience in the management of NFPs, providing a range of high-level services that will ensure the smooth running of your NFP.

CASM offers a complete range of facilities and services for your NFP, with dedicated support and management services to ensure the success of your NFP such as:

  • Financial management

  • Governance and compliance assurance

  • Functional office facilities

  • AGM & event management

  • Membership database management

  • Dedicated support staff offering complete administrative and secretarial support

We also pride ourselves on offering value added services to our clients. We excel in event-driven marketing, and with a strong background in events management we can help to ensure that your organisation secures maximum benefit from its next fundraising event.

It comes down to improving your organisation’s performance; in order to achieve your goals in 2015, employ a team who have a proven track record in helping NFPs to realise their potential.

If you would like to know more about how we can assist you please contact me, Ron Adams directly by emailing or phone me on 08 9427 0800.

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