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The Centre for Association Management (CASM) is a private company providing quality, friendly, efficient, reliable and affordable services in association management. 


CASM has extensive experience in the management of various organisations including both local and national associations.

Our services include:

General Management, Event Management, Financial Management, Membership Management, Minute Management & much more

If you would like to discuss how we can help your Association grow, get in touch with us today

Latest Articles

“Our Association did not want to hire a permanent staff person for a variety of reasons – we did not want the payroll, tax, GST, superannuation hassles and the headaches that usually go with these matters. We could not afford the expense of an office or the costly equipment we would need to function on a day-to day basis. CASM has been the solution for us, we have access to their professional staff whenever the need arises, we use their multi media production equipment at very affordable rates and our Members can come and go for meetings and informal discussions when it suits them best, including times outside normal office hours"
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